Attach Your Important Things To Tile And You Won’t Lose Your Stuff Again

Tile – Don’t Lose Your Stuff Again 3

If you are one of those who seem to forget where they left off stuff, such as car keys or your wallet, then you are in luck. Why? Because there’s a gadget that can help you locate stuff quite easily. Tile is a device that is Bluetooth enabled and capable of getting attached to any object and can then be located via your smartphone.Tile – Don’t Lose Your Stuff Again

It was available only on iOS devices, however, recently it has been made compatible with Android too. The design is quite simplistic and has a hole so that it can be attached to keys. Moreover, you can fix it on other items via the adhesive square stickers that come with the package.Tile – Don’t Lose Your Stuff Again 2

So, how does it work? Let’s say you can’t find a particular object to which you had attached the Tile, all you need to do is to ping it via your smartphone and the device will play a sound till you locate it. The app also shows how far the user is from the particular Tile and in case the user is about 150ft away, they can find it through the Community Find feature. This feature uses the Tile app and upon detection of the user’s Tile, the last known location is provided to the user.Tile – Don’t Lose Your Stuff Again 4

The gadget has been built from a durable material and has been sealed completely, thus rendering it waterproof. Although this may seem like a great feature, but it is basically a design flaw since this makes the battery irreplaceable. Once the battery runs out, you’d have to go out and get another Tile for $25. The company has claimed that the battery is good to go for at least a year, so this translates into a yearly subscription, which can increase costs for users if they have plans of using the Tile on variable items. There will be some reduction if one opts for bulk purchases.Tile – Don’t Lose Your Stuff Again 5

As of now, another issue to deal with is the fact that not many people are using Tile and since no GPS is involved, trying to look for an object that is outside the 150ft range becomes a waste of time and effort. To render itself successful, Tile needs to recruit more users and come up with a denser network of users or maybe introduce GPS location. Check out the video below for more details:

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