Astronaut’s Daughter Sends A Message To Dad In space Using 11 Cars

hyundai message from sky

Terry Virts might be one of the luckiest dads ever as he get to receive a special kind of message from Earth while being on a satellite orbiting the Earth. Virts was an aeronautical engineer and mathematician during his college days and took a career in United States Air Force after graduation. Afterwards, he became a pilot and logged in an impressive 3,000 + flying hours testing over 40 different types of aircraft. His exceptional skills of piloting and aerospace technology earned him a move to NASA as a pilot and experimenter in space.

hyundai message from sky2

All was going well for his career except his daughter Stephanie who missed her dad because it took him away from her months and years at a time. She got to chat with him over the internet and everything, but she wanted to do something special that he would be able to see and capture with his own lens from above.

In came Hyundai with an incredible idea that could become an impressive marketing stunt for the automotive giant. By using car tracks and precise calculations of the satellite’s movement, the company was able to copy Stephanie’s own handwriting and project it towards space for her father to see. You can watch how it happened here:

It must be the best message anyone has received in space ever! Stephanie must have been happy beyond doubt. For Hyundai, it meant global recognition and fantastic PR as well. Let’s hope engineering corporations keep conducting these humane acts and give hope to the humanity that where there is love there is a way!


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