Astronauts Can Now Use These Glasses To Drink Cocktails In Space

The Zero Gravity Cocktail Project 4

With zero gravity, doing something that is quite simple here on Earth becomes a hassle. Take drinking cocktails for example; quite a simple task here when James Bond wants it, but the same transforms into a nightmare when you’re in space. Well, it used to be but now things are about to take a turn. Here is a glass that can force the liquid to move in one direction only.The Zero Gravity Cocktail Project 2

The ‘glass’ or vessel will be 3D printed and shall have grooves that will allow the astronauts to take in the aroma of the beverage while ensuring that the liquid remains within the container. This will allow the astronauts to drink like they used to back on Earth. The design has been created by Cosmic Lifestyle Corp (CLC) located in Oakland, California.

As of now, astronauts usually make use of bags that contain the liquid along with an attachment for straws, however, this practice doesn’t allow the astronauts to savor the fragrance of the drink.The Zero Gravity Cocktail Project 3

According to the company, “The Zero Gravity Cocktail Project is a fluid dynamics and lifestyle experience design experiment. We are creating an open air drinking container that allows you to enjoy the aroma of the drink, yet keep the fluids under control. Your mouth completes the connection like a straw and you can suck the drink into your mouth.”

The company further added, “We are hoping to inspire the idea of a future when space hotels are in orbit and settlements are on other planets that people can relax and enjoy the experience of a quality drink, no matter what the gravity.” The glass has grooves that force the liquid to move in only one direction; the drinker’s mouth. CLC opted for 3D printing because this allows them to refine the design quickly where each design requires about 15 hours for printing. Since there is already a printer on ISS, the company need not send the vessels from Earth and instead they could be 3D printed right at the ISS.The Zero Gravity Cocktail Project

In the words of the developers, “This campaign will help us test the glass in real weightless environments, which is very difficult to simulate on Earth.” Let’s see how this project proceeds further.

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