Ask These Questions Prior To Installing Cable Deck Railing

Before you plan to lay cable-railing, there must be plenty of questions in your mind that must be properly cleared before you start the project. With proper planning, it will be possible to complete the project smoothly. 

Following are few questions that will be raised before you try to install stainless steel cable deck railings:

  1. What are your framework requirements?

Before laying of cable deck railing, it is important to check what kind of frames are to be fitted and also their size and the kind of material that will be suitable, so that it can easily sustain the load that is offered by the cables.

  • Will the framework material affect my various design options?

When you select various cable components, the kind of material used for the framework can decide the kind of cable fittings that will be suitable for you.

The most common type of posts is either metal or wood which is generally used in the framework construction.

  • Where should one begin while measuring for the cable railing?

While you are trying to plan for cable deck railing, it will be necessary to decide the length of each section. If the section is longer then the component needed can be lesser that can reduce the overall cost.

  • Will my cable railing be too expensive?

If you consider all materials for cable railing as stainless steel then installed by hand using simple tools, low maintenance requirements, and corrosion resistance will be a cost-effective solution.

Choosing the right type of cable deck railing components will provide exceptional function and design that can be easily installed, deliver high-end result which is safer and beautiful.

  • What will be the difference between the surface mount and through-post cable fittings?

Post cable fittings will be almost invisible, that will be passing through the post and remain secured to the backside. As a result, hardware will be minimally visible.

While surface mount option will offer an exposed hardware appearance can create a contemporary style or marine-inspired.

  • How shall I handle corners?

Double post system will be the preferred option for corner applications as it will allow the cable to pass through 2 separate sections and thereby minimize the required number of fittings and thus will lower the project cost.

  • How to save on installation time?

There are suitable components available for cable railing that can reduce the time for installation. Therefore, in case you are engaged in multiple projects for cable railing then buying such components will reduce the installation time considerably.

  • How can I maintain cable railing?

Most of the cable railings are very durable however they still need little maintenance too. There can be corrosion due to salts, pollutants, and chlorides and therefore the alloy needs to be cleaned against these problems.

By taking regular care and maintenance of stainless steel, the railing will remain beautiful for many years.

  • What about the building codes?

Depending upon the location of the area where you want to install you must follow the necessary building codes of that area.

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