As Gas Prices Hit Record Highs, Tesla Orders Are Surging

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has led to geopolitical tensions. These have escalated and extended to gas prices which have hit an all-time high with the national average touching $4.17 and some parts of the US spiking north of $8 per gallon.

This change has caused people to incline towards buying electrical vehicles. It has made it the most popular electric car company by far.

It is even claimed that the sales have increased by 100 percent week over week in parts of the country that were majorly affected by the surge in gas prices.

Tesla Orders Are Reportedly Surging As Gas Prices Hit Record Highs

That’s quite significant and this means that people are making greener choices.

However, Tesla has not been very punctual in meeting its rising demands. It might increase investments in the company, but the production cannot be escalated in a short span.

Tesla Orders Are Reportedly Surging As Gas Prices Hit Record Highs

In the short term, countries will have to figure out a way to keep engines going without Russia. Oddly enough, Musk stated, “we need to increase oil and gas output immediately” for the US to wean itself off of Russia’s supplies, quipping that “extraordinary times demand extraordinary measures.”

“Obviously, this would negatively affect Tesla,” he added, “but sustainable energy solutions simply cannot react instantaneously to make up for Russian oil and gas exports.”

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