Artist Transforms A Giant Log Of Wood Into An Incredible Dragon Bench With A Chainsaw

There is no shortage of amazing artists in the world, but many are getting their fair share of fame now that social media is a thing. Any form of art, remotely related to dragons in bound to go popular after the Game of Thrones craze and the wooden dragon bench carved by Estonian artist Igor Loskutow is an absolute treat to the eyes.

Loskutow transformed a humongous log of wood into a magnificent dragon bench, leaving many of his followers in utter amazement. Igor, belonging to Talin, the capital of Estonia has been creating chainsaw wood carvings for over 15 years, and his expertise is worth appreciation. Igor is a part of the Husqvarna chainsaw carving team that travels across Europe showing their skills with carving and intricate detailing of wood designs.

Unlike many other wood carving artists, Igor’s handy work relies more on his arsenal of chainsaws than any other tools. A quick look at his Facebook page will have you drooling over his work. If you wish to get your hands on one, unfortunately, that is no longer available as it has already been placed next to a butcher shop. You can get one made for yourself that may even look better than this incredible beast. 

Looking for more inspiration? Have a look at Igor Loskutow’s Facebook page or go to his Website.

Images: Igor Loskutow

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