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Artist Creates These Amazing Carousel Cakes That Are Stunning To Look At

Tattooed bakers create most amazing carousel cakes ever.

Tattooed Bakers are pushing the limits of the cake baking design by bringing out the most magnificent looking and decorated cakes ever. These fascinating cake art images are so far the most impressive in functional carousel cakes. Eddie Lebeau & Richard Amon from tattooed bakers are the two experts coming up with these designs.

Tattooed bakers carousel cakes are the best and most attractive ones due to the detailed and beautiful artwork. We have seen marine cakes, doll-like edible cakes, and other sweet architectural marvels, but nothing compares to what tattooed bakers have done.

These treats are not only incredibly beautiful, as they come with rococo and baroque-inspired decorations. Tattooed bakers have added mechanisms that make the merry-go-round turn for creating a stunning visual effect that is a wonder for both food lovers and art admirers.

Eddie and Richard expend hundreds of hours into their most intricate projects, and it clearly shows. The decorations on their exquisite carousel cakes are so intricate that many people confuse them with toys, or plaster works of art.

Tattooed Bakers have a wide range of impressive-looking cakes with detailed artwork, including edible pirate ships and mesmerizing wedding cakes. Still, for sure, the carousel cakes make them stand out amongst thousands of unique design bakers word-wide.

You should check out their official website for more of their exceptional and delightful cake designs.