Artificial Intelligence Might Leave Half Of The World Unemployed By 2045

robots taking over

The effect of machine power on the human side of the economy must never be understated according to Robotics expert Moshi Vardi. He said this in a recent session of the American Association for Advancement of Science and predicted that half of the world will be left unemployed in the next 30 years due to robots taking over everywhere. We already have millions and millions of industrial robots working for us in the production facilities. In China alone, thousands of skilled and unskilled laborers have lost their jobs as major electronic companies have placed more and more robots on the machine floor.

“We are approaching a time when machines will be able to outperform humans at almost any task” according to Vardi So, naturally it begs the question that if robots are going to be that good, where is all the human workforce going to go? Eminent scientists and innovators have even predicted a possible confrontation between AI and human as they will only get worse with time. Stephen Hawking has said that the AI could spell the human race as we know it while Elon Musk, a pioneer in AI driver technology has said that machines represent our biggest existential threat. Computer scientist Bart Selman from the Cornell University has said that at some point in the future, the humans will be forced to relinquish some control to the robots and live in a kind of symbiosis with them not just as machines and humans but a whole new kind of AI entities.

As we see around us, we can see the fast pace with which automatic driving systems, drones and even sex robots are becoming the norm, removing humans out of the equation. We have already posted about how you can predict your job getting phased out from hands. If you read this article, you would find out that the jobs with a higher level of creativity and intelligence are much more protected against robot takeovers. So, be prepared to adapt to the future. Maybe it’s not that violent as Terminator series would have you believe, but stats do point you could well be out of a job.

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  1. M@rk Reply

    Exactly! By the end of the century (no time soon) robot laborers will be:
    1) Planting, farming, harvesting, storing, transporting, preparing, and cooking our food.
    2) Transporting and delivering everything we use.
    3) Manufacturing everything we use.
    4) Repairing everything we use.
    5) Policing our streets.
    6) Fighting our wars.
    7) Educating our society.
    There will simply be nothing to do for the vast majority of people in the world. We’ll still need engineers, designers, programmers, teachers, entertainers, composers, writers, military officers, and political leaders. Our choices for living will be relegated to living simply on a farm or let the government take complete control of your life. I’m glad I’ll be gone by then!

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