Arrow Is A Jet Fighter Shaped Electric Car

arrow_concept (1)

There are many of us who wish we could be in Charles Bombardier’s shoes and have a job where we could use our imagination to design anything we want. As the grandson of the founder of Canadian jetmaker and high-speed train manufacturing company, Bombardier, Charles is certainly living up to the family name with his designs even though he isn’t employed in the family business.

arrow_concept (2)

Bombardier’s idea for a vehicle, that can be used for the daily commute comes in the shape of the Arrow. The arrows combines the fun and joy of a motorcycle with the weatherproof capabilities of a car and incoporates the drive-train and environmental friendliness of an electric vehicle. The vehicle seats two people where the passenger sits behind the driver, much like the cockpit of a jet fighter. Even the retractable canopy resembles the ones found on jet fighters.

arrow_concept (3)

The rear wheels are powered by a 30-kW dual-synchronous motor which is run by a lithium/air battery that gives the Arrow a range of 370 miles. Building a working prototype should be easy since Bombardier says that the cockpit area structure is available from a company in California.

arrow_concept (4)

Regrettably, the Arrow is only a concept and has a few years to go before (and if) it becomes a reality. This design, which looks like a cross between an Ariel Atom and a Messerschmitt is amazing and we would love to see it outside on real roads one day!

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