Are You Brave Enough To Live In This House?


Whoa, did you see that house on the top? What is it doing on top of another building? Oh my God, is it about to fall? Does look like as if its tilted, no, wait, it is tilted. These are some of the sentences you’ll hear if you visit the University of California, San Diego and look up at the Engineering building. There, on top, sits a home that defies gravity and is known as ‘Falling Star’. Rest assured, it didn’t fell but has been actually hoisted up to be placed on the building.Fallen Star6 Fallen Star4

The home was a seven-year long project undertaken by Do Ho Suh and has been made to look like as if it was dropped from the sky. The house measures at 15×18 feet and was hoisted up on the building back in November 2011. It has been modeled after a home in Providence, Rhode Island and the ex-home of Suh. The interior of this house is the same as that of any other American home.Do Ho Suh, Fallen Star, Stuart Collection, UCSD Fallen Star3

The inspiration behind the project was the feeling of landing in United States for Suh. The house has a slop of 5 degrees; however, when you walk into it, you would be forced to hold on to the door at first since even 5 degrees is capable of disturbing the body’s natural equilibrium.

Fallen Star2

The house satisfies the California Earthquake building code and is capable of withstanding winds of 100 Mph while being built on an 18-inch foundation.

Quite amazing, don’t you think?

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