Architect Designs A Floating Research City In Water Shaped Like A Manta Ray

city of meriens2

Jacques Rougerie’s name is famous for his contributions in marine architecture and design. Having always been fascinated by the oceanic studies, he has lived most of his life on seas and wants to contribute towards the water research in an unprecedented manner. He wants to build a floating city offshore that will allow oceanographers and students to study the deep ocean closely while enjoying the facilities and exposure of an artificial island. It will be big enough to host them and their endeavors for some time.

If it had been any other person than Rougerie, the idea would have been scoffed at, but the respect and previous work that the great architect commands in his field means that we have to take it seriously. Rougerie has been so influenced by the sea that he has called himself “merien” or someone belonging to the sea on many occasions. The same name will grace his newest venture in honor of the large bodies of water. The city of Meriens will be floating middle of nowhere and conducting studies and research while at it. Rougerie has studied Oceanography extensively and he knows that is needed by such a platform or design to fulfill its promise. He has four decades of work experience in designing marine dwellings and underwater observatories.

city of meriens

His latest project included SeaOrbiter, a floating marine structure for an integrated community and providing them with a research platform. It was meant to undertake long-term studies while the orbiter drifted on the ocean currents. It was such a great design that the crowdfunding campaign was successful and he was able to build it and lay a foundation for Meriens at the same time.

city of meriens3

The new city will have living arrangements and study premises for about 7,000 people. Marine biodiversity and water quality are just some of the important things that will be studied over here. It will have plenty of labs, recreational facilities, food production areas and  living quarters for all of them so, it will be a massive design. With 900 meters length, five hundred meters in beam, 60 meters height above the sea and 120 meters below, it will easily be the largest artificial floating object on the surface of the seas surpassing the nearest length vessel by more than 500 meters!

city of meriens4

The design is inspired from nature itself as Rougerie has stated that the design inspiration comes from Sea Rays (Yes the teacher fish in finding Nemo). He was always fascinated by the sea creatures as they tended to fly underwater with their huge wing-type fins rather than float. It will have a central lagoon that will provide docking spaces for future sea orbiters as well as other vessels and submersibles. Roger’s design personifies the beauty, strength and diversity in the deep sea.

The city of Meriens will be one beautiful dwelling and I bet one would pay anything to get on board and spend some time there. The submersible experience is something only a few people get to enjoy too. Its a pity it won’t be made for commercial ventures because boy, this thing could become a money spinner! However, we aren’t sure how Rougerie will get his money this time around as it will definitely take a few billion dollars to construct this floating wonder. Sea orbiters were one thing, this giant dwelling is another.

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