Arab Wallpapers : Rendezvous In The Middle East

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The North African and western Asia region flanked by the Arab wallpapers with countries including Saudi, Libya, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Algeria, and others. The Muslim dominated often referred to as Middle- East is gaining popularity among the tourist for their architecture, heritage, and food of their Maghreb culture.

Tunisia is one of the smallest countries with the great Saharan desert in its south and the Pyramid of Giza within and the Phoenician colony located in Carthage is steeped in ancient history for its markets. AL Qua’a of Beni Hammad, located in Algeria, is one of the world heritage sites to be visited. The Levant countries possess a vast geographic expanse with Mesopotamia and the rivers Euphrates and Tigris on the sides, with the holy cities of Jerusalem and Jordan on the west. The Arabian Peninsula, also the world’s largest, is a hotbed of oil and gas reserves, containing the highest place of pilgrim among the Muslim, the countries of Mecca and Medina. The United Arab Emirates boasts of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, as well as Burj Palmera, a group of peninsular islands having various luxury residences and hotels.

The Arabian cuisine is mostly, influenced by the Egyptian and Levantine cultures. The cuisine is centered on rice, wheat, meat, barley and yoghurt. Meals are enjoyed with large families serving varied foods. Labneh for breakfast, pilaf for lunch, baklava for snacks, and shish kebab for dinner are popular and widespread favourites. The meals often consist of generous proportions of garlic, onion, parsley, lamb -the favourite choice of meat, and various indigenous milk products and spices.

The markets of leather, clothing, art and Arab wallpapers are famous for their ancient depictions among countries of Algeria, Jordan, and Tunisia, where one can find intricate and exquisite pieces of apparel and art likewise.

The most used currency is the dinar, exchange centres are available everywhere, with each of the countries having their own rendition of dinar. With an ease to travel and steeped in heritage, architecture, and history, the Arabian countries are necessary visit.

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