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Apple’s New Stand For Its Pro Display Costs An Astounding $10000

Apple launched its biggest conference of the year on Monday, and it was during this conference that the audience was bestowed upon with Apple’s latest updates and new creations. John Ternus is Apple’s vice president of hardware engineering and the person who was in charge of presenting the updates and creations during the conference. It was during this conference that The Pro Stand was introduced!

Apple executives described the Mac Pro in complete detail during the conference. The Mac Pro is the most powerful computer for professionals by Apple. Same was the case for the 32-inch Pro Display XR monitor (or screen). The Mac Pro is priced at $6,000, and the monitor is priced at $5,000. Both of these items were quite well-received amidst cheers and excitement.

The next stop was for the Pro Stand that was welcomed with a few groans and a single, yes single, clap from a member of the audience. The Pro Stand is priced at $1,000. Nope, we are not mistaken about the cost, folks. It does indeed cost a thousand dollars. That explains the lack of enthusiasm and excitement during its unveiling.

The sentiment of the audience was mutually shared by social media networks soon enough. The Internet had a field day with a plethora of roasting comments, images, video clips, and memes all making the Pro Stand the butt of their jokes. Twitter and Reddit users were leading the charge, and we have to admit that some of them are actually quite good.

Will the Pro Stand actually sell? How well will it be received by the consumers? All of these questions and more will be answered during the Fall when it is actually available for purchase. We, however, don’t understand why a stand is priced at a thousand dollars. What do you think? Do let us know!

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