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Donald Trump Voicemail Has Been Hacked And Leaked By Anonymous. Here’s What They Found

Donald Trump has successfully managed to remain in headlines one way or another. The politician running for the presidential election is ready to become the republican candidate and has been making his journey towards White House based on controversial speeches and offensive statements. Anonymous, a group of hackers and activist, declared war on him back in December 2015 following his plans of banning Muslims from entering the US.

The very first alleged strike in this war is Anonymous hacking Donald Trump’s voicemail and leaking of those messages. These messages portray quite a cozy relationship of Donald with the left-leaning section of the media and comes as a shock because Trump has categorically mentioned his hate and dislike for the media that he refers to as ‘liberal media’.

The messages leaked include some that were left by MSNBC journalists that are thanking Trump for charitable donations. It appears that the recordings are authentic and in fact, subject of one of the recordings, Joe Scarborough has confirmed the authenticity of recordings on Twitter as well.

The leaked voicemail also includes messages, praise-filled, from MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski and Tamron Hall along with Tom Brady and Don King. The leaked messaged come as a shock considering how Trump has been presenting himself as a person who doesn’t trust the media.

Anonymous has yet not rallied behind any other politician for support, however on the day of leaking these messages, the group tweeted this.

Donald Trump has yet to respond to this, let’s see how it goes!