Apple’s New Ad For The Promotion Of The Apple Watch Is Quite…Terrifying

Apple’s latest commercial promotes the watch’s emergency features. However, in an almost strange twist, the advertisement uses genuine, live emergencies from real people who were in grave danger, Mashable wrote.

The real-life incidents of a farmer who fell from a ladder and a paddleboarder who drifted out to sea are told in the commercial “911.” The ad is really powerful, and it plays on fear. The commercial’s unspoken message is that if you don’t have an Apple Watch, you may one day die a horrific end, perhaps at the bottom of a ditch.

The commercial, which debuted on January 1st, begins with a call to an emergency number, which asks the caller what their emergency is. It then displays three calls from people who used their Apple Watch to notify emergency services when they were in distress, with scary music playing in the background. An automobile accident occurred, another was knocked unconscious while sea paddling, and a third broke a leg on their farm.

The calls become increasingly tense. The person who was in the car accident informs the operator that water has entered their vehicle and they are unable to exit. The water is “going to my neck,” the person says at one point. The person who got stuck paddle boarding says they “can’t find the wind anymore” in another call. Meanwhile, the person injured on their farm requests that the operator “please hurry” since they are in excruciating pain.

On Monday, Apple verified to Gizmodo that the 911 calls were genuine.

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