Apple’s First Foldable Won’t Be an iPhone, Reports Indicate

As the foldable smartphone market gains momentum, Apple is rumored to be working on its own foldable device—but not as an iPhone. Supply chain sources familiar with Apple’s plans shared that the tech giant from Cupertino is gearing up to unveil a “larger” foldable device, aligning with earlier speculation about a non-iPhone foldable in development.

A paywalled report from DigiTimes revealed that Apple has been quietly developing its foldable project for over five years. Now, the company is reportedly advancing towards mass production, focusing primarily on creating a panel that meets its stringent quality standards. This emphasis is crucial, given the propensity of foldable devices to develop issues with bending and durability over time.

While specific details remain scarce, it remains uncertain whether Apple’s inaugural foldable device will be an iPad, a novel iteration of the MacBook, or an entirely new gadget. Earlier reports suggested Apple was experimenting with a folding tablet that melded the concepts of an iPad and MacBook, hinting at a potential folding notebook with an integrated physical keyboard and trackpad or a dual-screen model with a virtual keyboard.

Since Android foldables have begun to eat away at Apple’s premium smartphone market share, analysts and consumers alike have been keeping a close eye on Apple’s prospective foray into the foldable space. According to a Counterpoint Research estimate, Apple’s share in the premium phone market fell to 71% in 2023 from its dominance of three-quarters in 2022.
Excitement has been raised over Apple’s foldable gadget due to their history of watching emerging technologies and polishing them into their own iterations. They also submitted a patent for a self-folding phone last year. Industry insiders speculate that Apple’s first foldable phone might not even arrive on store shelves until 2025.

It remains to be seen if Apple’s entry into the foldable industry would affect the game. However, the possibility of an Apple foldable has surely aroused the interest of tech aficionados who are keen to see how the company will develop in this rapidly changing market.

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