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Apple Users Are Saying That The iPhone 15 Pro Is Already Getting Too Hot

Apple’s latest iPhone 15 Pro, released on September 22, is generating buzz for an unexpected reason: overheating concerns. Several users have reported that the iPhone 15 Pro, particularly the titanium variant, is getting notably hot during usage, to the point where it becomes uncomfortable to hold.

The Wall Street Journal conducted tests on the iPhone 15 Pro Max and found that the device reached temperatures as high as 112 degrees Fahrenheit during charging and intensive tasks. Apple has not made any public statements regarding these reports.

Users across social media platforms in the US and China have voiced their complaints about the excessive heat generated by the iPhone 15 Pro. Some have posted videos and temperature readings, highlighting temperatures of up to 108 degrees Fahrenheit on the phone’s back.

Apple tech support agents have acknowledged the complaints and directed users to an existing support page outlining what to do if an iPhone gets too hot. The support page acknowledges that iPhones may feel hotter during initial setup, wireless charging, graphic-intensive gaming, or video streaming. The iPhone 15 Pro is the first Apple smartphone to feature a titanium enclosure, and experts suggest that compromises made in the thermal system design to achieve a lighter weight might be the cause of the overheating issues. The titanium casing might impede heat dissipation, leading to increased temperatures during usage.

Although this heating issue hasn’t affected every iPhone 15 Pro user, it remains a cause for concern. Apple analysts speculate that potential software updates or further design adjustments may address these overheating concerns.

Insider has reached out to Apple for comment and will update accordingly. Additionally, similar complaints have been reported for the iPhone 14 Pro, albeit not at the same volume or severity. Users and the tech community are keenly watching for any response or resolution from Apple regarding this matter.

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