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Original First-Gen iPod Goes Up For Sale On Ebay For $20,000

Are you also a fan of nostalgia? Do you also long for a time when things were somewhat simple and limited? If you have answered these questions with a yes, then you would understand why someone would be willing to pay $20,000 for the original first-gen iPod!

The first-gen iPod was introduced by Apple during November 2001 and discontinued by the next summer. The first of its kind, it had a total of five buttons, a scroll wheel, and a grayscale LCD screen. The famous iPod was able to store 1,000 songs on its 5 GB hard drive. Steve Jobs unveiled the gadget with keywords ranging from the smallest, sleekest, to easiest to use.

Apple didn’t stop with the first iPod. It kept on releasing newer versions of iPod with each version becoming more and more powerful than the previous iPod and boasting capabilities that were considered more ‘game-changing’ than the previous iteration. However, by 2014, the iPhone was able to grab all of Apple’s attention, and the iPod was put to bed.

Those of you who have used the first-gen of iPod know very well that we had to be selective about our music. That is not all though; we had to listen to the songs that we had on the iPod. More importantly, we owned our music; we were not at the mercy of streaming gods. That is why we all long for those times when every track that came on was a track that we absolutely enjoyed and loved.

About a decade ago, the very first iPods disappeared from the shelves, and the diehard fans have been searching for them ever since. For those of you who have been searching for iPod; a factory-sealed box containing an original and never-opened first-gen iPod has made its way to the eBay with a cost of $19,995. That’s quite an increase considering that it had a $399 price tag back in 2001.

At the time of writing, there are 63 watchers who might spend $20,000 on buying the first-gen iPod!