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Apple User Installs Windows 1995 On His Apple Watch

Windows 95 on Apple Watch

So, apparently people can’t get over the nostalgia of the Windows 95s and 98s and want to incorporate those systems into the modern devices. This guy is one of these people and attempted to install a Windows 95 OS on the new Apple Watch. Now the Apple Watch isn’t something that can easily be messed around with. Apple is infamous for its control over the iOS development and doesn’t allow apps to bypass its security that easily. However, this developer named Nick Lee eventually managed to get inside and bypass the Apple’s system. He had to spend some time figuring out how to get the system in place and then modify the developer software in an unorthodox way to turn the Windows 95 into an iOS app that has an enhanced function as an OS emulator.

Despite the advancement of the hardware, the Windows 95 displays a little lag in performance just like we did in our 286 computers. It is because the emulation app has to translate the entire code of the Windows 95 into something that functions with the Apple Watch’s OS. A servo motor is also attached to the side of the Apple Watch in this configuration that was used by Lee to stop the screen from turning off while he was working on it! Crude, isn’t it?

If the Windows 95 is something you would like in your iOS, check out Lee’s blog here. We won’t recommend it to anybody since the loading time is close to an hour and the lag gets significantly visible. If you are feeling the Windows 95 nostalgia, I would suggest you install it on your laptop or PC because this thing isn’t working at all!