Apple is Trolling Android Users With Their New Advertising Campaign

The number of iPhone users increase every year. In 2017, tech giant Apple hit a record market value on its tenth year anniversary. The users that come from other competing backgrounds switch to iOS, which is the new hook for the advertising campaign of the company. The party just got big, and Apple wants to invite over the current Android users.

Image Credits: Cult of Mac

The potential customers are encouraged to take the leap, highlighting the compelling features such as superior performance, privacy, and camera quality, etc. The campaign consists of five short videos that compare the features such as Music and Photos to persuade the smartphone users to use iPhone and enjoy some awesome features. In another attempt to gain users, Apple refurbished the microsite.

Image Credits: Apple

The company has cleverly created ads and the new look for the microsite to emphasize on Move to iOS app, the app that makes the data transition from Android to an iPhone easy.  Although iPhone 7 has been the best-selling smartphone in the world, over the top expectation from iPhone 8 has been a negative factor in the current sale of iPhone.

On the other side of the battleground, there are the newer models of Huawei, HTC, Samsung, Xiaomi, and many others. Will this campaign help Apple earn more users from Android platform? Share with is in the comments’ section below.


Below are the short videos which are part of a new advertising campaign by Apple.

Credits: Tech Viral



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  1. Badri Reply

    Nice Campaign but far from the truth. Here are the Cons of having an iOS device:
    Can’t freely transfer music between iOS device and ANY PC or phone. Can’t Expand Storage at all. Cant jsut copy paste stuff, need to use iTunes for basically everything. Privacy? ANYTHING can be hacked!

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