Apple Is Offering Free Replacement Of Old Macbook Batteries

Apple just can’t seem to catch a break. Just as the heat from the company deliberately slowing down phones died down, a new problem concerning MacBook Batteries has come up. There is a failure in a limited number of MacBook Pros that causes the built-in battery to expand. Apple is now replacing these MacBook batteries all around the world completely free.

The documentation provided by Apple shows that the replacement program covers 13-inch MacBook Pro without Touch Bar models. They have been impacted by a battery manufacturing flaw and free replacements are being offered to those who have the eligible devices.

(Source: Brisbane – City Laptop Repairs)

The fault was further narrowed down to a batch of MacBook Pro units produced between October 2016 and October 2017. The battery replacement program offers the affected MacBook Pro models to get a free replacement for five years after the initial retail sale. This means that the program will run up to 2022. This does not affect hardware warranties according to Apple.

The users who believe that their 13-inch MacBook Pro has the above-mentioned problem can check the eligibility by plugging in the device serial number on the webpage that Apple has dedicated for this. The eligible devices can be taken to an Apple authorized service provider or an Apple retail store for replacement services,

(Source: Cult of Mac)

Customers can also mail their devices to the Apple Repair Center and if you have already paid for a battery replacement and you believe that your device was eligible for replacement, you can contact customer service for reimbursement.

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