Apple Might Develop And Release AirTags 2 – If A Specific Condition Is Met

Ming-Chi Kuo, who is considered the most reputed and competent analyst at Apple Inc., has said that we might witness the second version of the Apple Air tag shortly only if a prerequisite is met. He said that the arrival of Apple Air Tag 2 could only be possible if a surge in the sales of Apple Air Tag 1 could be seen in the market. He further stated that, in the meantime, Apple is analyzing the sales trend of the existing Apple Air Tag, including the popularity of the product among customers. A decision will be taken on whether to launch the second version or not.

The Apple Air Tag tracker was launched in April 2021 and has proven to be the most effective way for users to track their lost things. This item instantly gets connected to your iPhone or iPad, and you just have to attach it to the thing you want to track. According to Kuo, the sales of Air Tags are continuously increasing, and according to the estimates, around 20 million of the tracking devices were ordered and shipped in 2021.

Based on these analytics, the sales have the potential to exceed about 35 million by the end of 2022. Kuo acknowledges that if the existing trend of sales continues at the same pace, then the time is not far off when we shall witness the updated and advanced version of Air Tag once again. It should be worth noting that Apple is not the only company that has introduced the concept of air trackers. But there is no doubt that Apple has made considerable improvements to this technology and come up with already improved functions.

Apple air trackers are portable, easy to use, and well known for their aesthetics. Its working principle is not complicated; we just have to get the tracker connected with our phone and then easily locate the lost equipment with the help of this technology. However, there is news circulating in headlines that Apple’s tracking technology is being used negatively, i.e., “to track people against their consent.”

This is no doubt a disturbing thing for the well-reputed company, and given this, Apple has promptly responded by incorporating the “anti-stalking” features so that the invaders cannot easily access them. In short, the company is making efforts to boost the sales of its existing air tag tracker as per the plans, so that the Air Tag 2 can be put in place.

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