Apple Knew It Was Selling Defective MacBook Displays

The relationship between Apple and class section lawsuits is quite a romantic one; they cannot part even if they want to.

Apple is yet again facing another lawsuit, with several consumers filing against its faulty display connecting cable in its Mac device. The resulting spotty display is a source of great annoyance when you’ve spent nearly $1000. Making it worse is the fact that Apple probably knew of the possible glitch.

“The court finds that the allegations of pre-release testing in combination with the allegations of substantial customer complaints are sufficient to show that Apple had exclusive knowledge of the alleged defect,” the judge wrote.

Users of iMac and Macbook reported display errors in their devices, the source of which was the notoriously fragile display cable.

It possibly could turn to a class action lawsuit, like the earlier one Apple faces for its butterfly keyboards. Many users filed a collected complaint as little dust particles jammed the keyboards, leaving its users with repair work pain.

Judge Edward Davila ruled that Apple was aware of the faulty built cable, still kept on selling it to the consumers as a verdict on the Flexgate lawsuit. Users’ complaints marked spotty displays or staged light issues sourced by the fragile display cable.

The Butterfly keyboard lawsuit is still in the courts, with a minimum amount of dust or tiny particles turning the keys to non-responsive; the ruling on this was the same, Apple knew of the defect.

For its earlier Flexgate lawsuit, Apple serviced it with free repairs after some 1500 users signed a petition. As of now, the Flexgate lawsuit isn’t a class-action lawsuit. However, it could turn to it soon. The source of both the defects, the faulty cable, and the butterfly keyboard are sourced from Apple’s craze to build possibly the sleekest devices.

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