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Apple Is Starting Production Of The iPhone 14 In India Much More Quickly This Year

It was reported by Bloomberg on Tuesday that Apple Inc. is signaling the possible arrival of the production facility for the iPhone 14 in India. The news has come out after the company decided to launch its upcoming model two months after starting production in China. Bloomberg further detailed that this decision would ultimately taper the timeframe of previous launches from six to nine months. You can expect the first iPhone 14s to be ready for sale in India at the start of September as the company has been making efforts in the production facility to further speed up the process as well as keeping up with suppliers too.

The production is anticipated to finish in late October or November, but the first few models will be released in September to make the general public aware of the process. Coupled with this, the Taiwan-based supplier of Apple from China, Foxconn, has also tried to optimize the concept by getting hands in the process of supplying the shipping items from China and then assembling them together at its plant located in the southern city of India, Chennai.

Apart from India, the US is also seeking opportunities to set up its own production plant rather than depend on China due to the strict rules and regulations because of the lockdown, which would otherwise hamper the market’s sales. Not only this, but Beijing is also facing some clashes with Washington, and the matter is compelling US to look into building its own manufacturing plant. On the other hand, India is known to be the second largest market for smartphones, and apart from setting up a production facility for iPhones, Apple will also give access to India for the manufacturing of iPad tablets as well.

We can analyze the situation that Apple has big plans to diversify its products across the globe by bringing on production facilities at specific locations. Recently, it has also been reported that Apple is looking to introduce a production facility for the Apple Watch and MacBook in Vietnam. If this happens, it would be the first time in Vietnam to witness this!

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