Apple Has Cut Production Of Its Newest iPhone Model – Just Weeks After Its Release

Early reports revealed that the iPhone 14 Plus was not off to a great start, and now current reports confirm that Apple has halted the model’s production.

According to Reuters, Apple is slowing manufacturing of the iPhone 14 Plus within weeks of beginning shipments as it re-evaluates demand for the mid-range model.

According to supply chain sources, Apple has immediately called at least one iPhone assembly partner to suspend iPhone 14 Plus production and has reportedly contacted two component suppliers to reduce production by up to 90%.

According to the source, at least one iPhone supplier has been directed to increase component production for the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max models.

There has been no official statement from Apple on these developments, but we can only presume that iPhone consumers aren’t seeking a non-Pro smartphone for $899.

According to statistics from Canalys, which predicts weak demand for the next six to nine months, the global smartphone market has been slowing and fell by 9% in the third quarter compared to the same period a year ago at the time the decision was made.

As a more affordable alternative to its more pricey iPhone Pro models, the iPhone 14 Plus, which is a part of a new range unveiled on September 7, started shipping to customers on October 7.

According to Bloomberg News, Apple halted its intention to increase production of the new iPhone models last month when an expected jump in demand did not materialise.

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