Apple Is Reportedly Working On At Least 2 Foldable iPhones

Reports suggest that tech giant Apple is actively exploring the development of foldable device prototypes, including foldable iPhones and iPads, in response to industry trends. These initiatives mark Apple’s entry into the burgeoning foldable device market, aiming to capitalize on consumer demand for innovative mobile technologies.

According to sources familiar with the matter, Apple is in the early stages of prototyping at least two variations of foldable iPhones designed to fold widthwise. The company has engaged with manufacturers to procure components for these potential foldable phones, indicating a proactive approach toward exploring new form factors. However, it’s emphasized that these devices are still in the developmental phase, with no certainty of commercial release.

Additionally, Apple is reportedly considering the development of a foldable iPad, collaborating with display suppliers such as LG and Samsung to create prototypes. Former Apple employees revealed insights into the company’s exploration of foldable technologies, underscoring its strategic partnerships with key industry players to drive innovation.

Apple’s interest in foldable devices dates back several years, as evidenced by patent filings and analyst predictions. Previous patents have hinted at various foldable designs, including a phone that folds down the middle and a device that retains a portion of the display visible for notifications when closed. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo forecasted the potential launch of Apple’s first foldable device as early as 2025, speculating on its form factor as a foldable iPad or a hybrid device combining iPad and iPhone functionalities.

Contrary to expectations, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman suggested a conservative outlook for foldable iPhones in the near term, noting Apple’s focus on larger foldable devices over smartphones. This stance aligns with Apple’s strategic approach to product development, prioritizing consumer preferences and market dynamics.

Amidst Apple’s exploration of foldable devices, competitors such as Samsung and Motorola have already introduced their versions of foldable smartphones. Samsung’s foldable phones, including the Galaxy Z Flip series, have achieved considerable sales success, reflecting growing consumer interest in innovative factors. Samsung’s ambitious target of selling 20 million foldable smartphones further underscores the market potential for such devices, signaling a competitive landscape ripe for Apple’s entry.

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