Apple Is Planning To Develop ‘Stretchable Display’ Devices Instead Of Foldables

Apple has yet to enter the foldable device market; however, recent developments show a significant shift. According to several reports, the tech giant is working on a “stretchable display” that could revolutionize the tech industry.

Speculation about Apple’s next significant innovation has intensified following a recent patent filing hinting at this new technology. If brought to fruition, stretchable displays could wrap seamlessly around surfaces while maintaining the visual brilliance of OLED screens.

The patent, aptly named “Stretchable Display,” lists an unusually high number of inventors—55, compared to the typical 1-10. These inventors are predominantly based in California and Taiwan, where Apple’s research centres are located.

The concise patent, comprising 13 images and 22 pages, details specifics such as “a display with a stretchable portion with hermetically sealed rigid pixel islands,” according to Apple Insider. While light on practical examples, the patent outlines Apple’s vision for the technology across various devices.

The patent suggests that Apple aims to apply stretchable displays to laptops, computers, and cellular phones, as well as smaller devices like wristwatches, pendants, headphones, earphones, and other wearables. Experts believe stretchable displays could be even more practical than foldable ones, possibly leading to innovations such as an iPhone with a foldable inner screen and a stretchable outer screen.

Last year, Apple hinted at creating an Apple Watch with a screen that wraps around the wrist. Stretchable displays could solve this challenge, offering consumers more benefits and convenience.

Currently, there is only one application for this patent. It’s important to note that not all patents result in marketable products, especially for a company like Apple, which files numerous patents annually. Nevertheless, Apple consistently makes headlines for its innovation.

Recently, news emerged about the iPhone 16 potentially featuring a removable battery to comply with European Union legislation, highlighting Apple’s ongoing commitment to user-friendly technology.

This legislation requires that iPhone batteries be easily replaceable, aiming to simplify the process and make it more user-friendly.

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