Apple Is Moving The iPhone’s End Call Button In The Next Major Update, And It Could Be Confusing For Users

Prepare to welcome a fresh breeze of change to your iPhone experience as iOS 17 sets the stage for a revamped phone call layout. Sneak peeks into Apple’s iOS 17 beta versions have unveiled a cascade of intriguing alterations, giving users a glimpse into the potential transformation of their call interfaces.

In this upcoming act, the iconic red “end call” button, a familiar presence at the bottom center of the call screen, takes on a new role. It leaves its solitary post and joins a league of buttons, displacing the “contacts” button and redefining the user’s interaction with call controls. This strategic rearrangement aims to bring functionality closer, orchestrating a harmonious ensemble of call-related features.

As the beta versions continue to spin their tale, an exciting dance unfolds between the mute and speakerphone buttons. The keypad and FaceTime buttons, too, engage in a lively exchange of positions. Notably, the cue for initiating a new call undergoes a subtle transformation. While the current design relies on a simple plus sign, the beta versions introduce an innovative icon marrying a profile picture with a miniature plus sign. This visual twist adds flair to the familiar.

However, the most dramatic transformation sweeps across the stage through button placement. In the existing performance, a chorus of six buttons gathers at the top of the call screen, each with its role. Yet, in the beta versions, this ensemble takes a bow at the bottom of the screen. This strategic shift seeks to elevate user experience by placing essential functions within arm’s reach, providing a seamless flow to the conversation.

As the curtain prepares to fall on iOS 17’s beta stage, it’s worth noting that these changes might be just an opening act. The evolving script of iOS 17 might still bring surprises, and users could embark on a journey of adaptation. The seasoned muscle memory formed over years of familiar button placements might need a rewrite, and transitioning to this new arrangement could require some rehearsing.

Mark your calendars for this grand spectacle as iOS 17 takes its bow alongside the anticipated arrival of the iPhone 15 this fall. Brace yourself for a call interface that’s not just a backdrop but a dynamic stage where innovation takes the spotlight and user experience leaps forward.

In the final act, the iOS 17 beta teases a compelling transformation of the iPhone’s call interface, inviting users to embrace change, adapt to new choreography, and embark on an experience that promises to redefine the rhythm of communication.

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