Apple Is Mocking Android Users In Its Latest Advertisement

apple mocking google

Apple has recently made an ad which is mocking the safety issues that Google Play Store has had recently. The irony is that Apple also has faced safety issues which were much more extreme than what Google Play Store has faced. However, with this ad, Apple has provoked the old Android vs iOS war even more. The latest ad of Apple shows a woman who grabs a box from a shelf which blows up in her face. Then she walks over to another shelf and grabs a box, and no explosion occurs this time. Meanwhile, another explosion in the first shelf makes everything come tumbling down.

The label on the first shelf says Your Store and on the second shelf, it says Apple. The company is trying to stay classy by not calling out the Google Play Store by name, but it is clear that the first shelf is supposed to signify the Android app experience.

Apple gave a statement saying,¬†Privacy is a priority with Apple. Unlike many other phones, important data on your iPhone is encrypted from the start and protected by your passcode. Apple apps like Maps and Safari help to keep private all the places you go and the sites you visit, and Apple will not sell your information to anyone for any reason. Best of all we provide easy-to-install software updates that help to protect your device and your data from security threats.”

Another interesting thing to notice about this ad is that Apple has disabled comments on the YouTube video. This clearly implies that Apple doesn’t want YouTube users to put any information there which can make people acknowledge that both stores have issues at their end which need to be addressed. Watch the latest ad below.


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