Apple Is Discontinuing The iMac Pro


A piece of notably sad news has come in for tech lovers, especially fans of Apple. The tech giant has confirmed that the iMac Pro is about to go extinct.

The news first surfaced at the 9to5Mac platform, and later TechCrunch verified the news directly with Apple. It said of discontinuing one of its most-loved devices, and the last of those are the ones available in the current stock.

The last of Apple’s desktop stock is listed as ‘white supplies last’ on its official website with a price tag of $5000. Some other versions are also available at third-party retail shops, making that you still have your last chances to get hold of one before it goes all out. Of course, if you are someone more inclined towards Apple’s produced desktops.

The space grey series of the popular iMac Pro was first introduced in 2017, following Apple’s long-awaited Mac Pro redesign. Mathew termed it a ‘love letter to developers’ back then, now that specific letter seems to have run its course and has been taken out of Apple’s production line.

Since that time, Apple has redesigned the standard iMac, working more on the 27-inch model for similar users. Apple claims that the model has been their most successful iMac and the most used one amongst professionals.

The system has left the Pro mostly superfluous, making it leave towards its journey to sunset. However, the new Mac Pro also exists at Apple’s top in the line products list.

The part not to be missed is that Apple’silicon-powered’ iMacs are on their way to the market too. Hence, the company has so far redesigned the MacBook, MacBook Air, and Mac Mini with its core chips. The latest versions of the 21.5-inch and 27-inch desktop are said to be releasing later this year, catering to a long-awaited redesign in its system.


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