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Apple is All Set to Unveil New iPads On 16th October

Now that the excitement for Apple’s iPhone 6 has somewhat subsided, here we are again to tell you that news is floating around that Tim Cook will be coming on stage again on 16th October and shall unveil the next iPad Air along with iPad mini.

It makes sense that Apple will invest all its energy on iPads as the iPhone 6 has already been released. The report that has been released talks about Apple pulling the curtains on the ‘latest updates to its iPad line.’ In simpler words, it is safe to assume that the iPad Air 2 a.k.a 6th-Gen iPad and 3rd-Gen iPad mini are ready to make their entrance. The new improved tablets shall come equipped with Touch ID sensors and the enhanced A8 processors.

This whole update is not confirmed by Apple yet, however, we are sure that this event will be taking place soon enough. Fingers crossed!