Apple iPhone 7’s Headphone Jack Has Been Replaced By A Fake Speaker Grill


While most of the iPhone enthusiasts got their iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models as soon as they were available for preorder, others needed some added reasons for getting their hands on the new models. Like the team at iFixit, who have built a name for themselves for giving the best and most trustworthy reviews and repair advice of all the iPhone products.

So as soon as the new model was in the market, the team started to disassemble them and besides all the other hardware nitty gritty, the team also found something very interesting about the new build.

Their surgical tear down hadn’t went too far when it revealed what was in place of the removed headphone jack. As it turns out, Apple has replaced it with nothing of substance, just some plastic depicting as a fake speaker grill. We say “fake” because there were no electronics or speakers connected whatsoever.

Pic Credits: ieenews
Pic Credits: ieenews

According to the team iFixit, the grill seems to channel sound from outside the phone into the microphone, or from the haptic Engine out. It seems to be just a well designed moulded plastic created for enhancing acoustics.

Apple CEO Tim Cook justified the removal of the jack earlier this week by saying, “That jack takes up a lot of space in the phone, a lot of space. And there’s a lot of more important things we can provide for the consumer than that jack.”

But for now, it seems that iPhone creators have simply wasted the space and haven’t added anything “awe-striking” in place of the removed audio jack.

You can watch the detailed breakdown and explanation of the new iPhone 7 Plus in the video below!

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