Apple Has Issued A Warning About Putting Your iPhone In Rice

In the event of a wet iPhone, many users instinctively resort to the age-old remedy of submerging their device in a bowl of rice. However, Apple has issued a cautionary statement advising against this standard practice, citing potential risks of damage to the device.

Upon detecting liquid in the Lightning or USB-C connector, iPhones prompt users with a notification, urging them to disconnect and allow the components to dry out naturally, which may take several hours. Contrary to popular belief, Apple discourages using rice for drying, citing concerns about small particles of rice causing damage to the iPhone.

Apple’s recommendations for drying a wet iPhone include gently tapping the device with the connector facing down to release excess liquid, followed by placement in a dry area with adequate airflow. After approximately thirty minutes, users can attempt to charge the device using a Lightning or USB-C cable or connect an accessory.

If the liquid detection message persists, indicating trapped moisture, Apple advises leaving the iPhone in a dry environment with airflow for up to a day, allowing sufficient time for complete drying. In cases where the iPhone still fails to charge after drying, Apple suggests unplugging the cable from the adapter and disconnecting the adapter from the wall before reconnecting it.

By providing these alternative drying methods, Apple aims to guide users in effectively addressing water damage without risking further harm to their iPhones.

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