Apple Has Been Ordered To Pay 300 Million Dollars After Patent Infringement

The business industry is not one where any company or organization can survive conveniently and easily. It is a constant struggle to stay on top of one’s game while overcoming the obstructions that come in the way of success and moving ahead. Excessive competition makes it impossible to reach a complacent stage. There have to be continuous improvements and relevant upgrades to be successful. Even successful companies like Apple have to face these issues.

Recently, Apple was said to be infringing the patent rights of another company called Optis Wireless Technology. It was stated that the technology that was being used by Apple in its watches and phones was a technological property of this company. It was reported by Reuters.

The Texas jury told that Apple had to pay 300 million dollars for violating the company’s patent rights. In the past year in April, a judge had ordered 506 million dollars to be paid to Optis but the decision was called again for a new trial where the focus would only be on the damages.

US District Judge Rodney Gilstrap had stated that it was not entirely sure if the earlier decision was based on “fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory,” or FRAND conditions. It is a standard procedure for cases like this.

It was also reported that the patents involved in the case are not all been entirely owned by Optis since the beginning. The 5 patents belonged to LG, Panasonic, and Samsung earlier. However, now, Optis has rights over them.

A spokesperson of Apple has written to The Verge, stating that Apple does not believe that Optis has a right for gaining these royalties and the company aims to appeal for another hearing for the case o be reconsidered and reevaluated. Last month, Apple had a revenue of $81.4 billion.

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