You Wouldn’t Believe But Apple And Google Might Be Copying Samsung’s Design


Samsung has been accused of copying Apple’s designs for ages. Apple had dragged Samsung in a legal battle over designs and patent violations, spanning over four long years. One cannot deny the fact that Samsung designs often resemble Apple’s in some ways. However, things appear to be turning around, and this time it is Apple and Google copying Samsung’s design.

Samsung made a noticeable change in smartphone design when it released the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, back in 2015. The phones featured OLED displays that curved around the edges instead of the regular LED displays. The company continued the use of curved OLED display design in the next Samsung Galaxy S7 and the latest Galaxy S8. The screen of the S8 was even more incredible, as it got rid of most of the bezels to enjoy a wider display.

Source: Slash Gear

Rumors reveal that Apple is ditching the regular LED screens for OLED display. The 10th-anniversary iPhone 8 will be released this autumn, and it will feature the same flexible and curved OLED screens as that of Samsung’s flagship, the popular Galaxy series.

Google is staying nowhere behind. The second version of Google Pixel is going to be released later this year. It will also feature a curved OLED display.

We all just have to wait for the next iPhone and Pixel phones, and a war about ‘who copied who’ will begin again!


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