These Apps Will Help You Boost Your Productivity When You Study

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Studying is not a difficult task in itself. If you are a procrastinator, it is far harder to convince yourself to begin studying in the first place. Once you start, the super mumbo jumbo of so many textbooks and notes could make your head spin. Getting everything organized is the first and the most productive step to learning for most people.

While the smartphones create the most distraction from your study routines, some apps will actually help you get organized and boost productivity during the time you study.


MarginNote app is a productivity tool for Mac that will make the note taking process streamlined for you. The app on the iPad will let you annotate items, organize notes into a Mindmap, and sync all of that to Dropbox, Evernote, and MindManager. The app already offers features like visible margin notes, Flashcard creation, summaries, citations, highlights, outline, and mindmap note organization. The latest update on the app has brought better hashtag features, bookmarks, and flashcard outlines. You can even share these notes using MarginNote Message.

iStudiez Pro

If you want to plan your time better, iStudiez Pro is the ultimate class and homework planner. It will let you organize your class schedule, teacher contacts, upcoming assignment, and tests. It combines your calendar schedule and your to-do lists in the best way possible. The app is available for iOS, Windows, Android and Mac.

iStudiez Pro
Speed Reading apps

The content in your notes or textbooks is a little too much to read when you are short on time. A speed reading app like Speed Reader for Android and Spreeder for iOS are the best apps to keep you on track and get the most out of your reading time.


A smartphone app can help you organize, schedule, and try to keep you on track, but it is entirely up to you to stay focused on your objectives and get to them one step at a time.

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