Anyone Who Solves These 5 Engineering Problems Will Become A Billionaire

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Our relentless efforts and daily struggles against all the odds in our life is mainly to make a name for ourselves and to live a life of purpose and fulfillment. And what better way to do that than to become a billionaire and be rolling in cash, meaning you can fulfill each one of your heart’s desires. But it is easier said than done, and the handful of billionaires we see among us had both genius and luck going in their way.

No one can control the luck factor, but the least we can do is to try our very best. And in that fighter spirit, Wonderful Engineering brings you five problems you can solve to become a billionaire for sure

1. Wireless Energy Transfer:

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Forget about creating bigger and better batteries. The future is held in figuring out how to transfer energy and power without any wires. If you can figure out a way to charge people’s phones, appliances, etc. using some electromagnetic waves, you are sure to make billions!

2. Eliminating Internet Dead Zones:

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In the third world countries, the problem of having no internet access is hampering their development and is widening the gap of literacy and economic equality to an irreparable degree. Google and Facebook have been trying to solve the crisis for quite some while, with limited success. If you can beat them to the punch, and devise a cheaper and better solution, you can certainly become a billionaire.

3. Cheap Scaleable Solar:

Pic Credits: bigcommerce

Solar energy has been the “thing” of this decade. Unfortunately, solar cells are still too expensive for the majority of the population, meaning they are not as omnipresent as we require them for making a sustainable world. If you can somehow create cheaper solar technology, your product would certainly be selling like hot cakes.

4. Affordable Desalination Plants:

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It is said that the next world war will be fought on the issue of water. Our resources of water have been depleting, yet no viable solution has been suggested till date. If you can come up with an economically feasible desalination plant, you would certainly hold the key to saving millions of lives, and in the process making millions, nay, billions of dollars.

5. Improve Major Weather Forecasts:

Pic Credits: CNN

Weather forecasting is hard, but predicting calamities such as earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, etc. is essential to saving unsuspecting people’s lives. If you can create a viable weather forecast model, you can help the world while making some pretty nifty dough.

Have any other cool ideas on how can one become a billionaire without having a series titled “Narcos” on our lives? Comment below!



  1. Akshay Vikhe Reply

    A company providing cheaper interplanet transportation can earn billions in nearby future.

  2. Vikas paul Reply

    All the five points involves future building.Take the case of.Free internet – facebook’s and Reliance JIO is doing it. They are already billionaires. I mean investments in millions is needed to earn in billions

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