Anyone Can Easily Lift 100 Kgs Using This New Exo-Skeleton

Ever wish to be a heavy weight lifter? But your fragile muscles don’t allow you to show off? Or you’re tired with your daily routine of handling baggage and your job makes you exhausted? Well, to assist their very own employees, Delta Airlines partnering with Sarcos, a new robotics company, has launched an exoskeleton suit at CES 2020. Guardian XO is what the exoskeleton is referred to as, has already gathered industry’s love as it declares to lift a weight equal to 200 lbs, with absolute ease.

Battery-powered Exoskeletons assisting human beings

The product has vast real-world applications as it bears its own weight in parallel to the extra one. And believe it or not, while testing the gadget, the user only moved his fingers while the exoskeleton arm easily raised the 50-pound suitcase.

Guardian X0 Exoskeleton

The labor industry would definitely thank the two firms for making their lives easy! This blessing on earth has been specifically designed for situations where everyday lifting makes employees fatigued or exerted. Giving a second thought before gifting your maintenance shop a new Guardian XO?

Another benefit of deploying these exoskeletons at your work is the removal of physical barriers for employees. This shall open up employability to those, who were previously considered unfit to work in exerting job environments.

Sarcos CEO said, We look for companies who are clear leaders in tech adoption and have a history of innovating to meet the needs of their customers and their employees. Delta is the natural fit in the airline industry and has proven to be a great partner as we work to fine-tune this technology for commercial deployment.”

Talking from a mechanical perspective, the device allows 24 degrees of freedom, thus making it easily operable. And even when fully loaded, it only feels like 10lbs. There are efficient actuators incorporated within, that function via electric batteries. A fully-charged battery allows a shift of two hours and then can be recharged when required.

Getting into the statistics now, an annual rent of $100,000 has to be paid for a unit, but when compared with the strength it adds to a single worker, the efficiency scale rises high.

As science and technology are breaking new grounds, it is highly important to bring ease in everyday life by designing similar devices. Here again, the seeds of artificial intelligence are sown. The more human mind untangles its capabilities, the better solutions they come up with. A decade ago, who even thought of a self-supporting bot in which the user can reside himself, and do wonders!

Guardian X0 exoskeleton- comforting human life

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