Your House Can Now Have A Secret Trap Door With This Bookshelf

bookshelf leading to secret passage hallway

Having one or more hidden doors is a must for making a good horror or mystery movie. The best of those doors are mostly hidden inside libraries or behind a bookshelf that leads to other secret chambers. These doors have been used in one way or the other in many movies. In this video, the team at I Like to Make Stuff is helping people make their secret doorways using ordinary bookcase.

When friends of the channel refurbished their attic and wanted to turn it into a secret room, they went with the idea to be creative and close it off with a bookshelf doorway. The video shows that the plan, in theory, was very simple but Bob said that to give the bookshelf its iconic swing, a lot more work has to be done.

Bob explained, “There are still several things to go back and fix up, even though it’s ‘complete’. I need to add a quarter round at the bottom, touch up some paint and paint the backside of the cabinet to mask some of the modifications that I had to make mid-project.” All the efforts to make everybody think that its just a bookshelf were worth it.

He further said, “Ultimately, I spent a lot of time, trimming, sanding, shimming and adjusting to make the cabinet fit, roll, open and close like I wanted it to, but it was worth it. My friend is extremely happy with it, and it ended up working better than I ever thought it would!” Watch this video to learn how you can turn an ordinary bookshelf lead into a secret world.


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