Anura Is A New Personal Drone That Folds Into A Portable Case The Size Of Iphone

Anura – Foldable Drone

Drones have gained quite a popularity recently and the days aren’t far enough when you won’t be comfortable to leave your house without a drone accompanying you. You think that’s not possible? Did you feel the same way about phones? Yeah, look how that thing turned around! A company known as AeriCam based in San Francisco aims at targeting such people who can’t just resist the urge to fly drones whenever they feel like it. The Anura is an economic model, which measures about the same as the 4.7-inch iPhone and has fold-in rotors for easier portability.Anura – Foldable Drone3

The rotors can be tucked neatly inside the body and is thicker than the iPhone. Rotor arms can be folded outwards to have this brick like gadget transform into a quadcopter ready for taking off. Anura can be piloted via an iOS or Android phone via Wi-Fi and has been equipped with a micro-camera. This camera is used for streaming live action to your smartphone.Anura – Foldable Drone2

According to AeriCam, the flying range of this awesome drone is 25 meters while a flight time of ten minutes can be achieved on a single charge. The top speed, as per reports, is 25 mph. If funding allows, the company aims at adding some flight functions to the gadget that will include phone tracking, auto landing and takeoff while also offering return home function.Anura – Foldable Drone4

The crowdfunding campaign will start by the mid of October in order to raise funds for production. The aim is to look for 500 backers so that Anura can be offered for less than $200.

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