Anonymous Reportedly Leaked Personal Data Of More Than 600 Russian FSB Officers

Anonymous announced last week that it had carried out a new cyber-hit against Russia’s government. This time, the hacker group states that they have leaked the personal data of mover than 600 Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) officers.

The leaked data concerns FSB personnel operating in Moscow and has names, dates of birth, registration addresses, passport numbers, debts, air tickets, SIM cards, and even more.

Anonymous has leaked personal data of over 600 Russian FSB officers operate  in Moscow

FSB is an influential governmental organization in Russia with a broad range of activities related to state security. It also handles affairs with foreign nations. This organization also actively participates in the ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

Influential in the past, this organization has replaced the former KGB and FSK. Lately, however, FSB has shown poor preparation for modern cyber-warfare. Last month the Ukrainian intelligence reported leaked phone calls between FSB and their superiors in Moscow.

Putin humiliated as hackers expose 600 in Russia's secret service and leak  87,500 emails | Science | News |

Previously anonymous also have taken down numerous websites associated with the Russian government, hacked the central bank of Russia, and leaked documents from different organizations including Roscosmos.

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