Anonymous Has Reportedly Gained Access To The Kremlin’s Video Surveillance System


Anonymous hackers announced on Twitter that they had breached the Kremlin’s surveillance system. In addition, they published audio purported to be from inside the Kremlin to back up their claim.

A hacker from the group The Black Rabbit attacked on behalf of Anonymous. They claim to have acquired access to CCTV cameras at the President of Russia’s residence.

Anonymous Gained Access To The Kremlin’s Video Surveillance System

In a tweet posted on Wednesday, April 6, AnonymousTV states that “hackers (@Thblckrbbtworld) who operate [on] behalf of #Anonymous gained access to the Kremlin CCTV system.”

“We will not stop until we reveal all your secrets. You cannot stop us. Now we are inside the castle, the Kremlin,” they said.

The tweet is accompanied by a video of surveillance footage taken from Russian authorities’ own CCTV cameras, which has yet to be verified.

However, Putin’s spokesperson Dmitry Peskov disputed that the Kremlin’s video surveillance system could be hacked, believing it to be “closed.”

This is yet another attack on Russia by a bunch of unidentified hackers. They claimed to have hacked Russian Central Bank data in March and threatened to disclose tens of thousands of sensitive files.

According to sources, this group of hackers is suspected of sparking the Russia-Ukraine crisis. Hackers have gained access to over 2,500 official Russian and Belarusian websites, culminating in unprecedented attacks on Russian government targets.

Anonymous hacks Kremlin security cameras - S Chronicles

Anonymous hacked 900,000 emails, disclosing 20 years of communication between Russian officials, according to a more recent claim. In addition, anonymous allegedly targeted transportation infrastructure to obstruct Russian troop deployment, as well as state streaming sites to publish footage from the Ukraine conflict.


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