ANKER And RavPower Power Bank Comparison

Ravpower vs ANKER (2)

In one of our earlier posts we listed top 10 power banks. This time we are going to compare the top two in that list. We ranked Anker 2nd gen Astro as number 2 while Ravpower 2nd gen portable charger as number 1. Well it is time to put them to the test.

First the packaging both come in an enclosed box as shown below and are wraped in clear plastic placed on a wooden mold. At this point I have to say that it is although not visible in the pictures  but it seemed as if ANKER was packed with a little more care than Ravpower power-bank, I know the difference is minimal but it is still a point to note.

Ravpower vs ANKER (2)


Ravpower vs ANKER (3)

Ravpower vs ANKER (1)

Ravpower vs ANKER(1)

Both power-banks arrived with a USB charging cable and a protection cover.

Now for the test, we charged a LG G2 phone at roughly 10% charging for exactly 50 min from both the power banks. The results were the same, after 50 min the phone was charged around 90%.

Why LG G2 you might ask, well because it is at a median of the type of phones in the market. It has all the functionality of a strong smart-phone but also not quite the Samsung S6 edge or iPhone 6. So basically the battery performance on this set resembles most of the phones available right now. It has a 3000mAh battery which is a standard in most sets.

At this point both the power banks were the same but this is where things started to get interesting. Now we fully charged both the power banks and they both took the same amount of time but after the 50min Ravpower still had 3 LED’S fully blinking and one LED partially blinking . Whereas ANKER only had 3 LED’s blinking & one fully off. LED’s are there to indicate the power remaining on the bank and by this information we can judge that ANKER has far less charge remaining.

Verdict : It seems as if Ravpower, has better charge retention capability but only slightly. It maybe because Ravpower stores a greater amount of charge and thus can charge your phone more times.

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