Angry Locals Lift Up Newly-Laid Asphalt Road To Prove It’s Just A Carpet

Residents of Karjat-Hast Pokhari, a village in Maharashtra’s Jalna district, were filled with hope and gratitude when their appeals for improved roads were finally answered. However, their excitement quickly turned to disappointment as they realized that the road they received was nothing more than a deceptive facade.

The road, supposedly constructed with the latest German technology, was exposed as fake when locals discovered that it was merely a carpet-like canvas with a thin layer of asphalt laid over it.

A video capturing the dismayed villagers of Karjat-Hast Pokhari has been circulating on Indian Twitter, depicting their frustration with the company responsible for this fraudulent construction. In the footage, the disillusioned locals voice their grievances against the local contractor, labeling the road as “fake” while physically lifting the asphalt cover to reveal the underlying truth – a bogus road that could be easily removed from its dirt foundation with minimal effort.

The road in question was part of the Prime Minister Rural Roads Scheme, a government initiative aimed at enhancing rural infrastructure. The company entrusted with this particular project had claimed to employ cutting-edge German technology for its construction, adding an additional layer of betrayal to the villagers’ disappointment.

Outraged by this substandard workmanship, the villagers are demanding immediate action against the contractor, the road engineers, and the relevant department involved in the project. They feel deceived by the deceptive implementation of this scheme, fearing that the shoddy road will not withstand the test of time.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of transparency and accountability in public projects and the need for strict quality control measures to ensure that taxpayer funds are utilized effectively and that communities receive the promised benefits.

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