An Intruder Drove Into One Of The Tunnels Made By Elon Musk’s Boring Company

Alas, soon it was the end of the road for him.

First thing’s first; we’re not calling a company boring just because they make tunnels which isn’t a very interesting job but that’s what Elon Musk’s funded company is actually called; The Boring Company or TBC. Established in 2017, the company provides infrastructure and tunnel construction services and aims to solve the problem of traffic by building a system of underground tunnels. (Well that sure beats walking)

With that goal in mind, the Loop tunnel in Las Vegas was built in 2018 which consists of a fleet of 62 Teslas that drive passengers in and out of the tunnel, beating the heavy traffic above on the Vegas streets.  So, it was pretty shocking when recently a driver of an unauthorized and non-Tesla vehicle somehow snuck past security and made his way into the tunnel. The company had to call the Las Vegas Metro Police because of this intrusion and according to the email between the Loop’s operations manager and a Clark County official, “The driver of the unauthorized vehicle was cooperative and eventually escorted out of the system.”

As mentioned earlier, only authorized Teslas are allowed to travel on the 1.7 mile Vegas loop so it was a pretty bizarre incident and shows there may have been some loopholes (no pun intended) in the security as the driver easily slipped past the authorization checkpoint and decided to become a part of the fleet. Fortunately, the driver was understanding and didn’t create a huge scene and the situation was finally taken care of.

In other news, the Boring Company is planning on increasing the Tesla fleet from 62 to 70 vehicles and also utilize Tesla’s Autopilot feature for this purpose. But because there have been many accidents involving the so-called autopilot feature, the stakeholders are holding back on making use of it right now.

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