An Engineer Estimates What It Will Cost To Build Trump’s Great (Foolish) Wall

what great wall of trump will cost u

Donald Trump and his ridiculous rants have somehow become the topic of discussion in major political circles and public alike. Although it is depressing that such a , of a person has so much attention fixed on himself, it is our responsibility as engineers to show the world just how stupid his claims are in reality as many people can’t fathom it right now. His most famous statement since his desire to run for president has been the construction of the so-called Great Wall of Trump to keep out illegal Mexican immigrants from the USA and supposedly with it, their drug trade and social problems.

how much wall of trump will cost2

Now we as engineers don’t need to highlight the moral and political repercussions of this act as many people would know about them already. But we can point out how much this fantasy wall can cost the government if we ever had the misfortune of building it. A civil engineer, Ali Rhuzkan, crunched some simple figures for us regarding the material costs, labour costs and according to the national average of the country. It is assumed that the wall will be built using pre-cast and cast-in-place concrete. Also, a necessary thing would be to include steel rebar in the occurring costs. He then summed it all up and let us know the answers:

167 million cubic yards of cast-in-place concrete. The current cost in 93$/cubic yard and it sums up to nearly 15.5 billion $

1 million segments of pre-cast panels of 10′ at 17$/panel. It adds up to nearly 17.5 million $.

2.5 million tons of steel rebar @ 600$/ton is equal to 1.5 billion $.

The total cost for this project comes out to be 15.5 billion $ + 0.0175 billion + 1.5 billion $ = ~17 billion dollars!

So, an impossible 17 billion dollars for a worthless project. Then he also compares it to the Great Wall of China that was built to keep out Huns and Mongolians from invading the Chinese. Guess what? Even if those ancient times, the wall didn’t keep them out and they managed to breach it at will. Maybe the Qin Emperor was a long-lost ancestor of Donald Trump’s?

Let us show you how much 17 billion dollars are worth:

NASA that has countless satellites and cutting-edge labs operates on a budget of 17 billion $.

how much wall of trump will cost

The world’s largest dam, The three Gorges, cost 38 billion dollars and produces 18,200 megawatts of electricity, enough to power a large state. So 17 billion dollars for a worthless wall that can still be breached? The world’s tallest building, an astonishing 163 floors cost around 1.5 billion dollars. So, you can make around 12 Burj Khalifas with that sort of money when the US doesn’t even have one! 17 billion dollars is the annual budget of more than 50 countries around the world, and it can be used to pay for the complete college education of more than 17,000 students! So even if the budget could spare that kind of money, would you prefer it to such bullshit walls or free education for all? Your choice!



  1. George Earl Reply

    I live in Arizona, Close to the Border. There is already a 20ft high wall there. It’s solid steel with barbed wire on top. The Border Patrol also has in-ground Sensors that detect any underground activity. There are in-ground sensors placed by the Military all along the border in Arizona and drones are flying day and night along the Wall. The Nogales Section of the Border Patrol has no neded…listen…”NO NEED” for a larger Wall. In fact, illegal immigration of Border Crossing now is the lowest in 15 years. And we have internment facilities in Southern Arizona to hold those caught and we return all of them back to Mexico. Also, there are multiple checkpoints on all roads coming from Mexico and manned by Border Patrol and State Police. Yes, a few get through, but 95% are caught along the Border or at checkpoints. It is Desert and very high Mountains. The Mountains are impossible to build any wall along. They are so steep, they are like a Wall and nobody crosses there. The illegal problem is NOT along the Borders as they are now protected, it is with the 11 million now here and the criminals. Building another Wall is not needed nor necessary. The people stirring this up do not live here, they have no clue but are caught up in the Trump Propaganda of “Fear!” Trump loves to put fear into people, it benefits him. He eve says “I will fix everything?” Another man told his nation the very same thing and the people all fell for the propaganda and elected Hitler as Chancellor of Germany. Be very aware of whats really going on, get the facts before you believe everything you hear or read. I am not a supporter of either Presidential Candidate, but look for the truth, and hope our Country survives this pack of lies both candidates are putting out to the American people. Support who you want, but please get the facts, not from any party, but do your own research. Talk to people who live in Southern Arizona and know we are not shaking on our boots over Mexico. In fact, our family has their own dentist in Mexico and love going down there. No, we are not Latino, but good ole White US Citizens. Please get your facts before you comment. Turn off TV, the Radio and the Newspapers. Learn about the Republican platform to end Medicare and Social Security and disability benefits by you funding your own care. Yes, that is in their platform. Worry more about those things than a “Trumped-up” scare story about illegal immigrants. Lets just help them become citizens in a Christian way.

  2. vito Reply

    Trump is not crazy , you fools are. we send the 58 billion in aid a year ha we d be saving money and have the 8th wonder of the world. #onlytrump !!

  3. Andy Reply

    you actually made the wall cheaper than i thought it would be. didnt factor labor costs thats great because Mexico is going to build it. if the wall looks like the picture it is worth every penny of it.

  4. John Reply

    id prefer the wall. The education money would just go to illegals crossing en masses.

  5. Jack Reply

    Well, I have a 10 year old son who comes to the site to read articles and I am offended by the picture. Please take the picture of the astronaut picture down. What does the middle finger have to do with engineering?

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