An Avenger Drone Has Identified And Tracked Targets Completely On Its Own For The Very First Time

It has been extensively discussed how important it is for countries to have a sound and fully functional defense system. This has become increasingly significant for the present era. This is why almost every other day; a new breakthrough is observed in the field.

Recently, General Atomic Aeronautical Systems, Inc (GA-ASI) has disclosed that they have developed an avenger drone that will be entirely automated even in the identification of the target. It is believed to be the first of its kind. The system is able to identify the target with the help of a Lockheed Martin Legion sensor pod.

The test of the drone was conducted on 2nd July in southern California. This technology is one step forward towards the possibility of “support Manned-UnManned Teaming (MUM-T) in joint all-domain operations.” Usually, aircraft rely on radar systems to help them navigate through the air and find their targets. However, radar is not always available and might not always be correct in all fields.

This is where this technology will make groundbreaking progress and will be able to attack and reach sensitive and hostile areas without relying on radar navigation. In the drone, 8.5-inch-long (2.5-m) and 16-in-wide (41-cm) pod replace active radar with a passive IRST21 sensor that features advanced onboard data processing to track and follow targets by detecting infrared radiation.

The Avenger Mission Management System (MMS) software was uploaded in the system within the period of 3 months. The autonomy engine of the system has Open Mission Systems (OMS). Both of these together turned out to be compatible and saved both time and cost. Therefore, this automated drone will transform the arena of unmanned and automated aircraft, especially in sensitive areas where human intervention can be dangerous.

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