An Abandoned ‘Harry Potter’ Train Has Been Found Rotting In The Countryside At Suffolk

In a mysterious discovery, an other-worldly train has been found hidden in the Suffolk countryside. God knows for how many decades this “Harry Potter” train has been residing here but this is definitely an intriguing discovery by Steve Liddiard. He is an urban explorer and has a strong urge to track down different mysterious locations. Hence, being compelled by his hobby, Liddiard couldn’t resist and went on a mission to explore the location as he heard various gossip about this “Harry Potter-styled train” hidden in the woods. At last, he finally uncovered this mesmerizing vehicle located behind overgrowth in Suffolk.

In addition to this, Steve Liddiard hails from Swansea and is 36 years old. Not to mention, the young man is a Senior Pathology Informatics officer by profession in the NHS. Hence, he opened up about his journey of exploring this masterpiece and his emotions when he finally found it. He said, “The steam train was one of my best finds, hidden in plain sight. Locals seem to know of it, but a total mystery as to where it came from, some stories here and there, but it’s a really strange one. A lot of research and map scanning was in order to track it down. There are some bits I have found here and there about it. It’s now very well protected with thorn bushes and brambles, but enough is still visible to see the scale of it. “

Coupled with this, he went on further to give some more details and said, “It’s a Harry Potter Hogwarts-style train, but it’s a bit of a mystery as to why it’s there and sitting on real train tracks. There are some rumors that it was bought with the purpose of renovating it but nothing concrete. The train was built by a Scandinavian company around 1950. It was built to withstand the brutal Finnish winters, but now sits alone on this abandoned piece of track and the elements have corroded it. The train still smells of oil and smoke even though it hasn’t been active for well over half a century. It looks like it has been there decades.”

Not to mention, Steve has not revealed the exact location of this train because he is afraid that the authorities or the general public might destroy it. Therefore, he is keeping the location of this train a secret for now. Considering this, he said further, “I have a passion for Urbex and abandoned buildings, structures, and objects. My goal is to document these places before they crumble away and are lost completely. “

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