AMD Has Filed A Patent For Teleportation

It is often humored that science has become so advanced that the only thing left is teleportation. Technology has achieved unprecedented success and modernization. It has made new and unique concepts practical and fully functional, leaving people amazed at the possibility of it. In addition, it has not stopped there. In fact, it is making progress every day.

Teleporting is probably one of the most popular concepts of people now. They want science to become so advanced that it can take people from one place to another in an instant, without transport. This has only been talked about and shown in mythical movies and novels.

Recently, researchers and scientists at Tom’s Hardware spotted the new patent brought forward by AMD engineers which was named ‘Look-ahead teleportation for reliable computation in a multi-SIMD quantum processor.’ This implies that the company has been working on projects related to quantum teleportation.

The objective of studying and researching all these topics and arenas is to improve the current reliability of quantum computing. In addition, they aim to reduce the number of qubits necessary to make accurate calculations. The patent file (a pdf), comprises all the detailed steps and detailed information that are required for a successful process of this project.

The ‘out-of-order’ execution method AMD is looking to lay claim to ensures some Qubits that would be left idle—waiting for their calculation step to come around—are able to execute independently of a result produced before that. Where usually they would need to wait for previous Qubits to provide instructions, they can calculate simultaneously, without any waiting or delays.

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