Amazon Rocket Delivers Your Packages In 5 Minutes


Many of us have heard about the Amazon Prime Air drone which promises to deliver packages to your doorstep in 30 minutes. Well, this new creation has gained a lot of popularity across the internet. With everything from parodies to comic strips to cartoons being made about the new delivery system, people have certainly voiced their concerns in a humorous manner.


With concerns about severed hands, damaged cargo and stolen goods flooding the web, we can already see that many users will be hesitant to order anything by drone. Zach King, a YouTube user, has gone in the opposite direction. In his spoof video, he claims that waiting thirty minutes for a drone to deliver what you ordered is far too long when a rocket can do the same task in five minutes. Of course, there will be damage and chaos following your delivery rocket, but with a delivery time of only 5 minutes, the rocket is worth all the destruction (right?). The rocket may kill a few cats, destroy public property, injure innocent bystanders and even damage your home (and injure you), but with a delivery time that is as short as a commercial break, it’s totally worth the risk (probably). Zack King’s spoof video is shown below:

Jokes aside, the Amazon Rocket idea is very dangerous and should NOT be tried at home in any way. Playing with rockets is dangerous and the spoof video is not meant to be copied in any way. The message that King’s video is trying to get across is that fast delivery is pointless if it’s at the risk of safety to ourselves and others around us, not to mention the added risk of damaging our packages. A drone delivery system is great, but is it really necessary? With today’s consumer becoming less patient and the internet making everything (even food) more easily available, our species may be “devolving” as technology advances.
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